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We Have Milk!

We are excited to provide A2/A2 milk from our mostly Guernsey herd. These Guernsey girls came all the way from Wisconsin. Guernsey milk is high in beta carotene giving the milk its lovely golden color.

Since our girls are all A2/A2, their milk is more easily digested by those with lactose sensitivities. 


Whole Milk or Skim?

All of our milk is sold as whole milk. Meaning, it will still have the cream. This gives you the opportunity to make butter, use the cream for your coffee, or simply shake it in and enjoy it whole.


Our milk is $13/gallon and $7/half gallon. You are welcome to pick up on our farm in Florence, or we can arrange to meet in Missoula. Please contact us to confirm availability if needing milk the same day.


What Do We Feed Our Cows?

Our girls get our non-gmo soy/corn free dairy grain at milking time, and grass/alfalfa hay in the field. 


Raw or Pasteurized?

Our milk is sold as raw milk. There are so many health benefits to drinking raw milk. Find them here:

Since we are providing raw milk, we follow a strict regimen to ensure your milk is clean. 

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