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Meet our Idaho Pasture Pigs...

When we started looking into pigs for our small farmstead in 2021, we knew we needed something that wouldn't tear up our ground. Don't get us wrong, there is definitely a time and place for the ground to be tilled, but that isn't where our needs were at. We wanted pigs that were good natured, a heritage breed, faster growing than the KuneKunes (which we still love and raise), and more of a balance between lard and meat. After researching pig breeds, and talking to other folks with pig experience, the IPPs were it! We jumped in with getting a ready to breed trio with the help of someone who knew the breed. This took us all over Idaho, then back to our home in the Bitterroot Valley. We have since added a sow from Washington state, and a young gilt and boar who will be ready to breed in December 2023. 

With each litter, we carefully select the piglets that uphold the IPP breed standard. These can be used for further breeding. The others that do not meet breed standard will serve the purpose of filling someones freezer and blessing those families with beautiful red meat and lard. 


Want to reserve a piglet(s)?

Contact us to get on the list if you would like to reserve from a specific litter. We ask for half down deposit to reserve piglets. 

Feeders start at $225/each, discount for three or more.

Breeders start at $600/each

Planned 2024 Breedings with "Toby"

Planned 2024 Breedings with "Rupert"

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