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Waiting On The Babies....

As fall is rapidly approaching, we are preparing for our sows to farrow out. Clover and Toby babies will the be first to arrive, with September 30th being her due date. This will be our first pairing with these two, and we are very excited to see how they will compliment each other through the piglets.

Clover has a very laid back personality, and doesn't "eat like a pig" like the others do. Everyone in the pig pen knows she's the boss and definitely will move out of her way.

Clover came to us from Peaceful Pastures Farm in Shelton, Washington from the amazing Michelle Graham. Michelle has been a great mentor to us. You may recognize her name if you have read any of the IPP Newsletters.

Stay tuned for photos of the new arrivals...

"Clover" daintily eating her mash. She is a Grace x Max sow.


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